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You Encourage Me

I'm on day 4 people are thinking that I can't do this challenge the whole point if it is low carb low fat from what I gather from the picture If you get something else form it please let me know. Even though people are doubting me I'm going to take their words as a challenge. I hope you ladies can do this as well I have the best of myself looking to you as encouragement. I'm thankful for reading this here this is kind of a short post but thank.

Hardest Part

It's day 2 of my 7 day challenge which is the hardest part day 1 is always a breeze but the next you want it to be all over with already or at least that's me. Here's the picture again in case you didn't read my blog from yesterday. Like I said on my first day I infuse my water with lemons or limes sometimes both. I love citrus fruit but where I have epilepsy I can't have grapefruit so I'm a little limited. Like I was saying the second day is hard or at least it is for me when it comes to the bread and sweets. This is the first time I'll be doing this challenge with my husband in the house. Like I've said in previous posts his job took hi,outta town before we moved. So this is going to be interesting road making 2 or 3 different meals when my husband wants red meat since Gabe doesn't always always like the texture of ground meat. So let the fun begin. This my what I call carb chart or  Flour Chart  I love it when it comes to low carb or pal

7 Day Challenge

, I try to do this once a month and to be honest it's really hard with a husband who likes his junk food. Now I can't take credit for this challenge I found it on Pinterest  now I will tell you I only found the picture on Pinterest that is at that link. For me though the no pop or soda doesn't bother me the hard part is the no bread, red meat, sweets, and pasta. Which you can probably see is half the list the citrus fruit daily I don't really know if it counts but when it comes to my daily citrus and water I do it together by infusing my water with lemons or limes. 30 minutes of exercise usually depends on my mood yoga or running just depends. Just remember a cup of water is 8 oz  I usually add to this challenge no caffeine goodbye coffee hello herbal tea. It's been a while since I've done this so it might be harder this time but where I am a stay at home mom now I should be able to do this during Mr. Gabriel's naps. I'm gonna touch a subject that I

Pay it Forward

So the holiday spirit is all around and today is the end of the first week of December. Today I had what I would say almost a loving experience even though we were complete strangers. Just remember every small kind gesture counts. You don't know what that person is going through for example right now my husband and I are on a tight budget where he works in the oil field the weather makes his hours shorten sometimes. With me at home and not having a job we had to tighten our cash up big time so here's a thank you to the old lady I in front of me at Shopko. Dear friend I call you friend because today you made me smile I know I already said thank you. When you gave me your take ten tickets you almost made me cry I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to by my husbands Christmas gift I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to afford my dish cleaner. You saved me from the feeling of shame I would have felt from the woman behind the counter. Thank you for restoring my faith

People Always Surprise Me

People always surprise me I was asked just a little bit ago why I talk about being a mom, about my Seizures, about me. I was shocked when I was asked why to blog even though I just started. I've mentioned my videos in the past and have mentioned them on Instagram I haven't been serious about it. When I was asked why I stopped in my tracks and started thinking why am I. I talk about this not only in my videos here's a link to my first one. Now that video was my first so please be nice.  I talk about it so not just for myself but for the moms and women don't feel alone. This blog is here my videos and Instagram are here so you the reader is never alone. Never alone again Because I know that feeling of being alone it's an awful feeling. I know I never want to feel that way again and I'm glad I have my husband and my son because with them I don't feel that but not everyone has that and that's why I talk about it. Amanda Rost  https://www.facebook

Step Back

Now in my experience because I'm still considered a "new mom" my little guy is a year now. When Gabe is sick he is a snuggle bug but he also cries every time you walk by him or put him down. It gets stressful and seizures emerge some times. So my advice when it comes to these moments sick baby temper tantrums or anything of that sort. So step back take a breath it's ok I do one of 2 things or sometimes both because I enjoy doing both. Make a cup of tea but be careful if you are still in the midst of seizures (I have partial seizures or known as absent seizures) so if you are able chamomile tea is a good option I also like to what my mother calls a "reroute" I reroute myself by decorating my house or redecorating. Find something that helps you relax in know it's hard with a kid sometimes but I'm also new at this too. Amanda Rost Instagram : @EpilepticMom

Where It Begins

I've thought about this blog for a long time now should I start one or not, should I let people know how I do it or not. Lots of questions have run through my head until my husband asked me a question does Epilepsy live with me or do I live with it. I created my account a long time ago but never found the courage to actually post anything to it. As you have already figured out by the question my husband asked me I have epilepsy tossed from Doctor to doctor growing up I was never brought to the realization of how I was living until that question. I love being a stay at home mom which just started recently I've been one for about a month now. When my husband first started his new job I was still working but we also lived apart we weren't speared or anything like that his job was in another town and he was staying in a camper and I was not going to raise our child in a camper with a dog and a cat. I started a video blogging I had the YouTube account when I was younger and