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Fair, Marriage, Moving? and Parenting

This weekend is fair my first fair is my new town I'm so excited to take Gabriel to it this weekend we went out last night as a family for supper it was pretty much a culture shock to me. I'm going to a concert as well I'm praying that I'm not taking to much of a risk by going to it. I should of added going to a concert to yesterday's post but oh well that's all over with my husband has been such a sweetheart lately. So lets go a head and have me get off subject in 3.2.1.

My husband and our marriage is getting better us as a couple is getting better in my opinion. We've talked about moving to Casper WY since it's closer to my doctor and living is cheaper and also it'd be almost a fresh start we wouldn't have the challenges that we are dealing with right now just when you think life is going great something or in this case someone has to come a ruin things for us. Now I'm not implying that my husband cheated he's been being harassed by someone and this isn't the first time we've dealt with it this happened to us/him in the last town we lived this has happened to him before we were ever together and we never have enough "proof" so we might end up moving and I might have to quit my amazing job that I love so much but nothing is gonna happen for sure till he has a job first and it might not even be Casper just WY in general. I just don't have the heart to give up my animals which I know sounds stupid. Because Laila would just end up going to live with his grandma and my cat is my comfort when it comes to my seizures which she would go live with my mom. So I don't know what the future holds right now all I know is that it'll happen for a reason

Every decision leads to another choice
I love this movie the quote I just used from it and the picture I know they are the same but if you think abut it it's true even if you believe in a higher power or if you don't (I believe in God) it doesn't matter what you believe in my opinion. I love this movie. and I just got off subject again. So I guess new topic.
I recommend not watching the entire video because it's long and just balloons floating over the screen 
So this is what my son plays on my phone now I don't normally give my phone to him because in my opinion he doesn't need to know how to run my phone at his age and I know a lot of moms who agree with that. I'm just going to go a head and say really quick that I'm not dissing moms who give their children phones you parent the way you want and I will do it my way sound good okay onward.
Gabe gets my phone every now and again and if you have a Samsung it has an app for it called kids mode and you can choose games to be on kids mode the video is a game called balloon pop he loves it ,it teaches the alphabet and colors and then there is normal which you just pop balloons. I view at practice for hand eye coordination. (He needs it) So what's your view when it comes to young ones and cell phones technology in general are we getting to an age that kids aren't really having a childhood anymore or is it a good thing that helps teach kids I wanna hear your thoughts one this so don't be shy. Have a good weekend


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