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Parenting and Traveling

So Thursday I headed down to my home town (where I also am moving back to) The reason I headed down was that I had a cardiologist appointment on Friday, that I didn't need to have. The people at Sidney Health Center don't like to listen to their patents (yes I saw this doctor once before) I was cleared to be healthy my first time. That grand mal seizure I had in June was the only reason that they wanted me to go see her again and in my nature, I argued on not to see her. Well, I lost that argument and saw her yesterday so let me give you a rundown of how this went.

Drive two hours the day before so I can go with my mom (my child is in the back seat) stay the night at my mom's house. Next day (Friday) we drive three hours to go to my doctor's appointment now this is my doctor's appointment.......I go into the room talk to the nurse list off my medications get my blood pressure and pulse checked like every nurse does before the doctor comes in. My doctor comes in the room looks at my chart looks at me and says and I quote

"Why are you here" 
 I told her about my argument with the nurses and doctor at the hospital in Sidney. So she just listened to my heart and my breathing and acutely said I'm not kidding she said I'll see you in two years. 

So we went to the hotel and took a nap and then went shopping my son needed some new shoes and I got to go to World Market (One of my favorite stores ever) So I was pretty happy but getting close to dinner time I started getting irritated. I'm not used to the go go go like most people are used to. I can't do it not just because of my Epilepsy (shout out if you have the same problem) but because that's not who I am.

So today (Saturday) we went to Costco love that place as well (LOL) so it was more go go go then we end up driving another three hours back to my home town. Well where I'm moving back I'll be living in my dad's house (my parents are separated his house is bigger) So we had to unload the stuff I got to prepare to live there (my husband and I are fine just some trouble with the propane at the house) then when we got to my mom's house we had to unload her stuff we didn't get done till 7:00pm well all this go go go makes me tired and exhausted so I get irritable.

Well tonight my child decided to push every button I have and, I had to hold my patience I ended up having a glass of wine then a calming cup of matcha (green tea) There is nothing wrong with that, my kid was in his car seat for an extreme amount of hours in my opinion. So when he got to run he did but that was no excuse for him to be naughty. I'm not going to lie I did spank him because he was hitting and kicking me thinking it was funny. He may be young but it did hurt when he hit and kicked there is nothing wrong with disciplining your children I may get some hate because  I spank my child but he's my child he came out of my whom my parents did it to me and guess what......I'm not emotionally scared I don't resent my parents I respect them not fear them.

That is one reason we have so many disrespectful young adults and children is because they are not being disciplined not punished they are two different things. I put the link in those words so you can read the difference. I'm not going to be my child's friend I'm going to be his mother, mom, parent if he gets mad at me so what, if I tell him no and he walks off I will make him come back and listen to what I have to say he will respect me because I am the adult.

I want him to respect me because I love him and want him to be able to have and hold onto a job when he is older. I know a lot of people might not agree with me on how I'm raising my child but I'm the one who is raising him not someone else. I want him to be successful in life when he's older I want him to make a difference make a living be able to care for my husband and I when we are old and frail.

Amanda Rost

Instagram : @EpilepticMom


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