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North & South

So since I've moved back my life has been a little chaotic on where stuff is a small town and trying to get my stuff all together. Then there is a small town drama that gets to my husband to easily and I'm already over it but today I'm going to touch politics in a sort also the education system as well.

My dad is home for the weekend and my dad loves shows that have to do with knowledge and my dad and I were talking about history I ended up telling him about my Past Present and Future post. He told me some things about the Civil War that I didn't know about I honestly didn't know that the Civil War wasn't just about slavery. My dad was taught in school that what started it was due to tariff and secession I was shocked why aren't we still being taught this.

So we started watching a mini-series called North and South we've been watching it for at least 2 days now and there was stuff that happened that I've never learned about I mean there's so much information that I've learned and I'm just wowed that I haven't learned about it before why didn't I learn some of this stuff in school.

I love this series because it doesn't sugar coat it plus as a bonus, it has Patrick Swayze. There is so much to be learned here it's ridiculous. I really insist that you watch this show my dad and I have had some interesting conversations over it I don't want to spoil anything but I have to say history might start to repeat it's self.

When I say history repeating it's self I mean racism wouldn't be a problem if we just left it alone. I'm the same as the person next to me we all bleed we have the same organs there is no difference between us.

God created us equal he loves us the same there are multiple verses about it. If you don't believe in God that's fine but we are all equal we are the same we all have the same organs the only difference is some people have a uterus and some don't (I can't remember the term for male parts besides penis)

So I say stop fighting and get your heads out of your @ss I'm not putting a trigger warning because frankly if this offends you get over it. Life isn't going to be perfect things are going to upset you I shouldn't have to put a warning on any of my posts because someone's feelings may get hurt.

I'm not hiding behind my freedom of speech I'm using it and am proud of what I say if I got some facts wrong I'm sorry I do my research as much as I can before and while I type my posts.

Amanda Rost

Instagram : @EpilepticMom


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