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True Christmas

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays So this post is kind of sad or depressing I don't get to spend actually spend Christmas with him because of this divorce I have to share holidays. We opened presents today and my son with get his Santa presents in the morning. I remember Christmas being fun as a kid but now I realize as an adult that Christmas is about love family and friends I know understand looking back on how much they put it in kids movies on why. Now I didn't realize this today, but it's something that needs to be spread more and talked about more. When my son gets old enough to understand I'm going to spend what I've been calling a modest Christmas. Spend it with family and friends maybe have one present for everyone or draw names so they can open one present. Decorate the tree listen to music and spend time together be a family again Amanda Rost Instagram : @EpilepticMom

Changed My Life

Devil's Tower WY in case you haven't been there, there are a lot of legends from the Native Americans about how the great spirits lifted the rock to save a person from a bear attacking them. Now that's just a sum up there are multiple different versions of the stories. I went there to hike in July I actually thought I saved and finished this post after I got back but where my laptop hates me it looks like I didn't. Going there changed me I don't know how to explain it I know I talked about going through dark times in my life  but that's behind me now I know who I am what I want know even though the year is almost over things are looking up.  My divorce is still going on but every step is closer to the end. With the new year coming and like everybody else I'm excited for Christmas (which I asked Santa for a new laptop) As I get off subject like I said the New Year is coming and as it creeps up on us everyone is already saying new year no me well I'm g

Dark Places But Good Thoughts

It's been since April since I've made a post that's quit awhile but for good reason's I know my ex MIL reads some of my posts so I've been keeping it quit (MIL if you are reading this, this isn't personal....kinda)  I feel like I'm risking a lot just righting this post but I'm going to have to get over it for the sake of my son and myself. I've always had issues when it comes to my thoughts since I was in the 7th grade I'm 23 now a mom if a wonderful little boy who means the world to me, friends who help me through my hard times. Which that friends count has gone down one or at least I feel it has and the most important one I've mentioned here a few times. I feel like I've lost her due to her marriage and about to have a baby I'm so happy and excited for her but, the amount of distance that's grown between us has gotten bigger and might even grow some more. This is my safe place talking to you (my readers) people I don't kno

Stronger Than You Think

So I've been gone for awhile and I think I'm finally ready to tell you lovelies why...... I know I've talked about my divorce a little on here but I'm still not able to talk about certain things that are going on or have gone on. It's been so long since I've posted I don't remember if I've told you guys that I went through Emotional Abuse  I was also diagnosed with depression  so with all of those being mixed into a pot I've been going though a lot but just because I've been through a lot doesn't mean I'm done I start a journey I've been using a #myjourney on my Instagram  I've been working out focusing on my child and my job (I'm now a housekeeper in stead of a dietary aide)   I'm living in my dad's house with my son. I'm getting closer to have my own place it's so close I can almost touch it. I got a new tattoo to help me through the day I got it on my wrist so I know that I can do it and I will do it.