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Listen to Your Body

I always talk about how important health is mind and body, but it doesn't prepare you for unexpected health issues. Unfortunately, that's what's going on with me. I don't know exactly what's going on I do know I've gotten into the doctor as soon as possible. That's something someone should do if somethings not right monitor it and if it doesn't stop after a few days go to the doctor. I'm no medical professional this is just my opinion. I ended up finding out what was going on. I'm still going through all the treatment it was nothing deadly nothing dangerous. I'm glad everything has been figured out. Remember if something is abnormal with your body check it out your health is important. This is partially the reason I've been gone in the month of November. I found out that I abnormal bleeding in my womanhood. I accidentally overlap with two different types of birth control the depo shot and the arm implant. So that life lesson has been

Brain Health

I really don't know what I want this post to be about, I've talked about unplugging what I'm up to I just won't call writers' block. If  I were to do that though I personally feel like I'd be giving up, I've been racking my head on how to finish out this project I've been working on. I want to tell you, but it's a secret, and I can't wait until everything is done. I will tell you this project is suitable for everyone of any type. I know I've announced that I am now an ambassador for 2 companies, but they still have a couple things in common Craft 1816 and Just Strong. In case you haven't heard of these brands, Craft 1816 is a CBD oil company and is THC free Just Strong is a fitness clothing company based out of the UK. As far as I know from the other ambassadors I've met, they are just really into health or have a form of disability themselves. I haven't met someone with Epilepsy yet. Just Strong believes in mental and physic

Morality and Unplugging

I released a short episode on my podcast, I was talking about morality. Just in case you're not 100% familiar with the definition. Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.  I'm not putting the definition up to be snobby or anything; it's honestly has a good reason for being there. Morality has been apart of a few of my conversations; it's coming up more than usual, and I'm choosing to take that as a sign and talk about it. In my podcast episode morality, I talk about why I didn't go to a party, event whatever you want to call it. I didn't go because I wouldn't have been going to celebrate like everyone else I would have been going to spite them. That's not me, and I was having such a great day with my little family that I love beyond all reasons. I'm bettering my life still, and I know I sound so repetitive when I say this, but how can I help others when I don't help myself. Working out, se

More Change....It's Good Though

I know I put it on my podcast but need to let my readers know I am enrolling in college, so I'm cutting back in some areas. My blog is my home and the first project that I have been neglecting horribly, and I apologize I use to use it as a safe place from my ex-husband and where my divorce is finally finalized as of September 19th, 2019. I don't really need a safe place anymore, but I still want to strive to help people, and I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I need to work on myself before I can genuinely help someone else. Starting tomorrow, October 10th, 2019, my boyfriend and I are going to be working out as a couple. I'm excited because well, as cheesy as it sounds, this is a first for me. I'm making new frists with him; we are going to be Pikachu and Ash Ketchum for Halloween; it's another first for me as well. I've been so happy with my life lately; I almost forgot to keep my passion alive. I know that sounds weird, but it happens life

I'm an Author

I did it, I did it my book as of right now September 13th, 2019 at 5:30pm my book is being processed by Amazon!  “If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”  ―  Dr. Roopleen I never thought this day would happen I never thought my dream could become a reality it's crazy for so long I have wanted this and it's finally happening. It's a crazy feeling how exactly am I going to celebrate I don't know yet but I do know that I have already started on my fantasy novel and I am going to work just as hard on. The fact is if you want it you can attain it you can get it! I do want to credit a couple people when it comes to all of this my boyfriend, Bohle Images and my family. Without these people, it probably wouldn't be a reality and for all of this to be happening I couldn't be more grateful. Amanda Rae In


I always encourage change, and the answer to this reasoning is because if you don't change things up here and there, you get in a rut. Trust me, it's not fun. Change is a way to find out what in life works and what doesn't if you don't open yourself up to change, you may never find something that'll genuinely make you happy. Change is constantly happening in life, so why not open up to it? Why not invite it into your life. See what can happen, see what is different embrace it. I know if I wouldn't have learned to embrace change in my life. Here's the thing change isn't easy to let into your life it's like climbing a mountain it's easy at first fun and exciting than it gets harder and more treacherous the father you climb, but in the end when you make it to the top it's worth it. Sometimes when you want to change, you have to make it yourself. The world may constantly be changing around you, but sometimes it doesn't come your way;

A Horses Soul

So I know I kind of touched this topic a little but I feel as if I should touch it a little more. I rarely talk about her, and I honestly don't know why, but I'm talking about my horse, Sandy.  Sandy helped me break out of my shell from my insecurities. All these insecurities came from my epilepsy if you haven't already guessed it. I got Sandy when I was 7 years old she was and still is one of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen. I honestly don't know what I would do without her I'm going to be devastated when she passes. Sandy is part of the reason I am the confident woman that I am. She was there for me when nobody else was. She's the one I can always go to no matter what I love her with all my heart, and I know she feels the same. I don't know why I don't talk about her as much as I should but, I do know that talking to Julie Sailiant she kind of opened my eyes again. Talking to her reminded me how much she means to me and how powerful

Fantasy Post (Part 2)

In case you didn't see it before reading this post you might want to read part 1 As she looked around for the Mngwa she heard a faint voice "Don't worry they taste good" she looked around and didn't see anyone. Still wondering where the Mngwa went and wondering where that voice was coming from she crept towards the bush. When she got to the bush they were berries that she's never seen before and when she tasted them they were something she never tasted before. Still, wonder where the voice came from she started looking around more and as she moved around the area she saw bones knives and fear was once again struck in her. Nervous she continued looking for the voice and she heard again "You don't have to bed scared" this instilled a calmness in her. She started to think is it the Mngwa that is talking? Nobody ever came back to make claims that the Mngwa could talk nobody ever made it back.  When the little girl finally came across the Mng

Sandy my Girl

Pn my venture to find my career and build it I've been meeting some wonderful people. In the midst of meeting one person, I've realized I've never talked about how much my horse made an impact on me. Sandy is y girl and she has helped me break out of my shell she made me the loving person I am today. Sandy is my girl and I'm her's I like to say that we have a complicated relationship because she doesn't always cooperate. I don't boss her around she's my friend and we have a heart to heart conversation here and there but we have a bond so strong that no one can compare. I almost don't know how to explain how she helped but she did when it came to my seizures. She's a blessing and I never want to lose her. Not only is she great with me but she's wonderful with my son and has been his entire life. I know that's not a really long time for only 3 years but I love it. More people need relationships with their horses like this. There&

Hear Me Out

Hear me out is the new podcast I got so excited about Coffee or wine that I decided to make one for Epileptic Mom I'm proud of myself I'm going to do this at least once a week what day I haven't decided yet keep an eye on it. I decided that I will be uploading my podcast every Monday. They are going to be either a motivational speech to help you through the week, or we will dive into interviews with others on what's going on in their life and how they made it through their darker hours. There are all types of problems and methods that people come up with for themselves that help them cope. I'm hoping that some of their ways will help one of you or whoever the listeners cope with themselves. This is the goal behind my book, blog and now my podcast I want to help people feel comfortable in their own skin, to help them in a way that they didn't even know they needed. I'm putting myself out there which is scary, and

Religion a Tough Topic

I've talked about this on here before that I don't claim a type of religion, and that does not make me an Atheist. Click here  to see my previous and still somewhat views. There are so many different types of religions there is just a list of on and on I looked it up, and I do know they only have the popular ones listed there is more than 20 religions in the world click here to see what the popular ones are. My problem is there is a particular type of mold that each religion wants the woman to fill and when my book comes out you will understand why I haven't stepped foot into a church for so long. Some people use it as a weapon, and others don't in my experience. I've only heard of some people that aren't like that. Religion is just something I haven't had a pleasant experience with, but that doesn't make me an Atheist I claimed the religion of Wicca for almost a year. It was comforting, and sometimes I find myself looking in that direction for answer

Fantasy Post (Mngwa Part 1)

I started talking about writing some short stories to help me widen my mind for my fantasy novel. Well, this is my first one, and I hope it's enjoyed. Deep in the African forests their lyes a creature called a Mngwa. A cat as large as a horse and more powerful than a lion. The surrounding tribes feared this creature the ones who were brave enough to enter the forest to kill the beast never returned.  In a small tribe that lays on the edge of the forest call Aanick, Aanick is a tribe that is slowly dying, food is running low and people getting sick. In Aanick, a father has had to make a tough decision his family was starving, and he had to choose between his son and daughter. This man planned to send his daughter to go pick berries in the forest without knowledge of the Mngwa. The man went to bed after tucking his son in and kissing his daughter goodnight for the last time. That morning he asked his daughter to go pick the berries usually warning her not to go too far but nev

Support People

I've been talking about my book lately when I realized even though it's a competitive field doesn't mean we shouldn't support each other. I know a few books not a lot about epilepsy A Mind Unraveled: A Memoir by  Kurt Eichenwald  is one I own and one I'm looking to buy is Living with Epilepsy by Mel Riebe Jr. I talked to Mel personal on my Facebook page when I got told about it so I looked it up on Amazon and I think I'm going to buy it. Like I said even though it's competitive we should support each other. There isn't a lot of books available for and Epileptic. I say go check these books out support the community and just support people, in general, be a good person. It's really not that hard I want to help people of all kinds that's why I wrote my self-help book You. it was written for you after all. Not just people with epilepsy but people. I encourage everyone to support everyone. Just open up your heart don't let everybody in but app

Do You Know What You Want

I've teased my book as Hotmess well there's been a change......I renamed my book, and I am debating on releasing the title of the book. I want to tell you guys so much about it, but I also don't want to spoil it either. I've worked so hard on this book that I'm so excited that I'm moving onto the editing process. I have it lined up one of my friends, who is a professional photographer, to help me with my book cover. I've figured out what I want in life, and I've set my goal. I'm glad I've had all of you join me. I hope you find you what and where you saw what I want to do I want you to find what you do. I found this quote, and I don't know why, but it felt like it was hitting close to home.  I am grateful for where I am at in life and excited about what's coming. I'm hoping one of you just one of you decides to look at it or even buy it. I want my self-help book to help people, and I don't only plan on writing self-help books.

My Book

So I know I've mentioned it once but my self-help book Hotmess at least once or twice well as ironic as it may sound because I'm writing. I have to write to get rid of writer's block so I guess I just need to change my mindset on what I want to say and how I want to say it. I am proud to say that I am all the way into Chapter 4 in such a short amount of time I've written over 3000 words. I've found a publishing company and I'm just so proud of how far I've made it on this book. I've started other books in the past but have never felt so passionate about one like I do this one. I hope you like it and honestly, I don't know if I want to name it hot mess anymore. If you have any self-help book name ideas email me at Amanda Rae Instagram : @EpilepticMom Twitter : @EpilepticMomAR Anchor: Book:

Let's Talk

Depression let's talk about that   When the chemicals in your brain aren't functioning the way it should. There are many signs of it, in multiple different ways. For example, I know my depression is coming back when I notice I stop taking care of myself like makeup and as gross as it may sound washing my hair. I stop caring about myself I stop being the so-called fun-loving person that my friends know. It's crazy to think that people think about me that way, it's crazy that people are able to fall in love with me. I find it crazy that people can care about me. I'm here to talk about the truth and if you feel like this it's okay, it's okay. It's okay because believe it or not you're not alone and honestly you probably have someone close to you going through the same thing. Honestly just like epilepsy depression is not talked about as much as it should be. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not a disorder. Depression

Cameron Boyce's Impact

I've talked about SUDEP on here before and after the recent event of Cameron Boyce tragically passing away due to having a seizure in his sleep and then passing away afterward. There are many articles on his passing. The one I actually like the most would be an article by Forbes . It's one of the few that I have personally read talking about SUDEP. If you haven't read my personal views and some of the facts about it click here . I feel that SUDEP needs to be mentioned more than it has been in the past.          Here's a short list: :  1. SUDEP is the leading cause of epilepsy-related mortality. 2. The etiology of SUDEP is unknown. 3. SUDEP is rare; 1 child with epilepsy out of 4,500 per year and 1 adult with epilepsy out of 1,000 per year. 4. The only known risk factor is recurrent generalized tonic-clonic seizures. 5. The only known SUDEP prevention is seizure control. I want to make a positive post like normal but I can't because some