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My Story and My Mission

I finally made it home today, after a long week, not just a couple of days Monday and Tuesday I had seizures I know I'm lucky to have a support group here at home. The support I felt in DC was nothing that I feel here I got love and support there just felt different I don't know if it was because everyone there knew what I meant when I told my story. Telling my story and realizing that I haven't told my full story on here: My story starts when I was 6 years old I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the time they weren't 100% sure which type of seizures I was having. I was lucky to have friends to take care of me I recall one day specifically I was in the playground and I had a seizure and walked out into the street in front of an oncoming car, luckily I had a friend nearby who pulled me out of the street. I was 7 at the time, what 7-year-old steps in front of a car one that is in the middle of an absence seizure but I didn't know that at the time. It wasn't unti

Walk to End Epilepsy

Today was the walk and to me it was surreal. At the opening ceremony, I started to cry I met so great people and I was able to relate. I come from a community that supports me but doesn't truly understand what I go through. Having support from people who are going through the same thing and being complete strangers makes me feel that I am not alone. I know I'm not completely alone but meeting people who are experiencing what I am a getting their support just makes it feel so much more to the point I can't explain. My message is to help people feel comfortable with their epilepsy and with themselves in general. I want people to love their body love who they are. Even help them find who they are positivity happiness and more. I hope to c ok me back in the future or find a city near my middle of nowhere town to go to. I would love to hear your stories epileptic or not I want to hear how you go through the bad and made it to the good. Sharing our stories is a great

Short But its Washington DC

Today I am leaving for Washington DC I'm so excited I am going to try as much as possible to keep you all updated my normal Saturday and Sunday posts are still going to happen so look for a couple bonus posts while I'm away and keep up to date with my on Instagram

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Some people can push buttons, but the thing is you can't stop them so let them. Just because someone says something completely and otherly ridiculous doesn't mean it's true. Let them stir in their bad mood let them be a bitter person. Let them focus on the negative. Let them be miserable in their life. You focus on your life keep the positivity don't let someone who is petty ruin the good in your life. When someone is trying to tear your life apart means a couple of things. They are jealous They're not happy with their own life  They're just a horrible person So when it comes to negative people they're always there you may not see them right away. There are the bitter people that are just a wolf in sheep's clothing. When these people show who they really are even if you've known them for years it's almost shocking. Don't let these people tear your positivity out of your life. Letting them get to you if giving them what they w

Conflict, Relationship, Parenting and A Surprise at the End

Somethings or some people can surprise you no matter what the subject. Love, happiness, depression even politics. Just remember just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn't mean they are wrong or right. They are viewing the world differently than you don't fight with them on whatever the subject may be try or not to give your opinion don't just say oh you're wrong, listen, compare and decide. I don't like conflict that's why I view things as it's your life do what you want. If it's my business than I might put in my view. Conflict is just one of the items in my life I wish to get rid of because I also have anxiety. I freak out at the smallest mistake have panic attacks. I'm glad I have people in my life that calm me down. Today I really didn't come into wright an "agenda" I know I normally have some form of writing things down for a reason but today I don't. I guess the only thing I can think of is after Easter

Single Mom and Dating??

My last post was about Single Parenting but today is about dating I guess. For the longest time, I looked for someone to be with because I was afraid of doing it all by myself now that I'm settled in to being a single mom. Someone found me and thinking I'm close to perfect, I think he's crazy. Being called perfect I know it's a compliment. Knowing but yet hearing it is almost hard to accept having a "pet" nickname by just being called baby girl or babe makes me smile and it should. Knowing someone that is interested in you and that they even know you have a kid and don't care is a big step. Right now it's coming down to how or when do I introduce him to my kid. Knowing that he's stated he'd like to meet him already makes me nervous yet excited.  At the same time with all of this going on I don't want my son to get attached just in case it doesn't work out. That's when the single parenting thing comes in again when is to soo

Single Parenting

Single parenting isn't easy, you have the stress of your ex either if they are involved or not, but also the fact that you don't have help. I'm not telling you to give up but to realize the joy and happiness you can have. The little moment like just watching your child or children laugh can just melt the stress away. Now, this week has been crazy I finally got to go out and sell. My new job well newish I've been out at the radio station for almost 3 months it's amazing. I've never enjoyed a job so much even after long days of editing. I guess even though I got off point being a single parent kind of rocks yeah it gets stressful sometimes, but once you find that balance of work parenting and friends. You're golden! It sounds easy but it's far from. It's taken me over a year to just get to where I am now. That would be the edge of having it almost all balanced.......ALMOST. Seriously, though the amount of pros and cons is are constantly wavering.

Fall Down or Get Up

There are people who are going to try and knock you down in life and then the ones who will help pick you up. As strange as it sounds you need both types of people in your life like this. The ones who knock you down are teaching you some form of a lesson the one who picks you up is teaching you how to get through it. Embrace the good and the bad in life and own it. Being confident isn't as easy as it sounds but, are you let people beat you down you'll never reach that level. I'm still working on getting to that level it's a hard goal to reach. I own probably about 10 or more self-help books and I've noticed something they either say the same thing or turn to God (Which isn't my religion) it's like a pattern. I'll probably keep wasting my money on them because there are parts that differ from each other. I'm going to take those parts that differ and apply them all together and who knows maybe one day I'll have my own self-help book. I'm givi

Be a Queen Not a Princess

Insecurity's something that doesn't just disappear overnight. From when a friend is running late to plans that you made or someone hasn't called you when they said they were going to. That guy you liked is taking a job that's taking him far away for a whole year. No matter the situation and even if you're faking it til you make it they still appear when it comes to the simple stuff. It's okay to feel this it just means well like I've said before you are human. Nothing is perfect you'll have obstetricals you'll cry laugh and scream. You'll be fine there are people there for you even if you think someone is standing you up because they had plans with someone else before your time with them. I'll be honest I'm writing this right now because it's how I feel at the moment I'm not perfect I'm human. I've been through a lot that I get these feelings even though my friend is running late and hanging out with others I know she