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Frustration and Paradise

My question for today is what's the point of dragging things out. Now I'm not fully divorced yet still after almost 2 years. I am hesitant on even writing this but here's my question for you my readers if you can relate or not. If you've both moved on what's the point of keeping it in the court keeping you legally binded to someone you no longer love. Where is the sense in that it just costs both of us money. So my question for you is and go ahead and email me at you answer or comment. Have you experienced this sort of thing or what would you do in this situation now I know this isn't very informative on everything that's going on....still. I'm just trying to keep some of my stuff confidential just for legal reasons and not wanting to give him ammunition. I would like to see the answer to these questions blow up my email for all I care I'm curious about other's point of views. I guess I'm just getting tired and wa

Budgeting and Stress

Working part-time is both a blessing and a burden worrying you won't get enough hours to pay your bills. The pressure I feel creates the stress I have now yes I do have help from my boyfriend since he lives with me. Yes, the old half and half way of paying bills but we're still newish I guess I would say. Half on rent, He gets the internet bill since he uses it way more than I do, plus his gaming takes up so much internet everything else is half expect my lawyer fees and I'm having troubles letting him help with the daycare bill. I do know this I am proud of myself for accepting help. I have it budgeted out to the point that we pay about the same almost 300 each.  Still trying to get my boyfriend to understand how important it is to budget. He's not getting a hold of the complete idea of a budget but that's what happens when you make money.  Everybody will agree to some point though that budgeting is hard. That's just my opinion though I've made many b

Sleep & Health

Good morning.......Now I don't know about most people I know a handful of people that are like this but I'm not a morning person and it takes a lot for me not to yell at my son, my boyfriend, and even my dog.  I need at least 5 minutes before I even interact with anyone besides my cat. Now really I don't know what the moral of this post is maybe me needing to be a better person in the mornings. I do know sleep is very important not just to me but to everybody. It plays a big roll in our physical health  like weight and heart disease. Now I have a couple reasons I could be so grouchy when I wake up not having the right amount of time to wake up, not looking forward to work, or depression. I've done a little research on this click this link . I do plan on doing more research in the future to help me with my sleep because it is a little bit of an issue in my life and all the health issues I've found out I really need to figure something out melatonin , which one of


Relationships......I probably shouldn't even touch this subject cause I'm still figuring my love life out but one thing I have come to learn is everybody is different. Now, this might sound crazy but I hate the fact that I don't argue a lot with my boyfriend he's so laid back when it comes to stuff which in my mind the mind of a woman makes me think he's not serious he doesn't care and on and on. I'll probably but a section on relationships in my book and that's one reason I've fallen behind on my posts. Putting that aside I still am working on myself I'm calling my best friend daily and then all of a sudden she says those magic words "Amanda you are over thinking this." and boom I'm back down to earth I don't know what I'd do without her. If you know my past on my marriage you pretty much already know her's that's why she's one of the greatest people in my life. I don't have to explain what I mean she