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Budgeting and Stress

Working part-time is both a blessing and a burden worrying you won't get enough hours to pay your bills. The pressure I feel creates the stress I have now yes I do have help from my boyfriend since he lives with me. Yes, the old half and half way of paying bills but we're still newish I guess I would say. Half on rent, He gets the internet bill since he uses it way more than I do, plus his gaming takes up so much internet everything else is half expect my lawyer fees and I'm having troubles letting him help with the daycare bill.

I do know this I am proud of myself for accepting help.

I have it budgeted out to the point that we pay about the same almost 300 each.  Still trying to get my boyfriend to understand how important it is to budget. He's not getting a hold of the complete idea of a budget but that's what happens when you make money.  Everybody will agree to some point though that budgeting is hard.

That's just my opinion though I've made many budgets and always have trouble finding a way to stick with it. I'm not going to lie my boyfriend isn't the only one with the spending problem I have one too. Before I was part-time I was ordering things off Poshmark almost daily shoes, makeup and clothes I was on Sephora and Ulta. I was trying to buy the void in my life I was on Amazon the most now I wasn't just buying things for me but also my son. I would find the best deals I even downloaded Honey. Any online coupon I could find I was using any deal. I was on a budget or at least when I had all my bills paid. Once I had all my bills paid I'm not kidding when I say I went on a spending spree.

Even with the spending on both his side and my side we still manage. I love him he loves me he loves my son. Right now, in this moment is all that matters yes, I'll stress over bills but he will be there to bring me back down to earth.

Amanda Rae
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