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Frustration and Paradise

My question for today is what's the point of dragging things out. Now I'm not fully divorced yet still after almost 2 years. I am hesitant on even writing this but here's my question for you my readers if you can relate or not. If you've both moved on what's the point of keeping it in the court keeping you legally binded to someone you no longer love. Where is the sense in that it just costs both of us money.

So my question for you is and go ahead and email me at you answer or comment. Have you experienced this sort of thing or what would you do in this situation now I know this isn't very informative on everything that's going on....still. I'm just trying to keep some of my stuff confidential just for legal reasons and not wanting to give him ammunition. I would like to see the answer to these questions blow up my email for all I care I'm curious about other's point of views.

I guess I'm just getting tired and want to hear other's opinions and maybe it'll help me make some decisions. I may not be fully divorced but that doesn't mean I'm not struggling in my life as a single parent yes I know I've talked about my boyfriend helping me but it doesn't mean I don't struggle emotionally and mentally. It's killed some of my confidence and that's kind of where the whole "fake it till' you make it" thing comes from. I stay strong for my son and my little family. Stress is all around me, work and personal life I'm almost hopelessly lost. If it wasn't for my brother I don't know what I'd do he helps me think rationally probably helps that he has a degree in phycology. I know this blog has helped so much writing really helps me relieve stress and helps to keep me from falling back into a state of depression. I know I've called this blog this before not 100% sure which post but it's my safe haven, my paradise.

It's a little sad that my paradise is a screen on a computer. Most people would say their paradise is a beach or the woods something whimsical. Then you have me....a computer screen to write and talk to complete strangers.


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