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Fantasy Post (Mngwa Part 1)

I started talking about writing some short stories to help me widen my mind for my fantasy novel. Well, this is my first one, and I hope it's enjoyed.

Deep in the African forests their lyes a creature called a Mngwa. A cat as large as a horse and more powerful than a lion. The surrounding tribes feared this creature the ones who were brave enough to enter the forest to kill the beast never returned.  In a small tribe that lays on the edge of the forest call Aanick, Aanick is a tribe that is slowly dying, food is running low and people getting sick. In Aanick, a father has had to make a tough decision his family was starving, and he had to choose between his son and daughter. This man planned to send his daughter to go pick berries in the forest without knowledge of the Mngwa. The man went to bed after tucking his son in and kissing his daughter goodnight for the last time. That morning he asked his daughter to go pick the berries usually warning her not to go too far but never saying why this time he just said go.

 As little girl wandered into the forest deeper and deeper, she got, she started seeing spears and knives on the ground. Walking further, the Mngwa appeared almost coming out of thin air frozen in fear the little girl dropped her basket. Staring at the beast, she just started crying, waiting for her death, realizing what her father had done to her. The Mngwa didn't attack and didn't kill her as the little girl cried without her seeing the Mngwa laid down beside her. The little girl stopped crying and finally noticed the Mngwa not only laying beside her but purring as well like it was trying to comfort her. She sat down beside the beast,, starting to realize that it wasn't as bad as she saw. Slowly leaning into it as the sunset on them falling asleep with a feeling of comfort with the Mngwa feeling it wasn't as dangerous as it seemed. She woke up, and the Mngwa wasn't there it was gone was it a dream she thought looking around, and while coming across a berry bush that had been pulled from the ground, it wasn't there when she fell asleep where did it come from and where did the Mngwa go?  

I hope you liked this little short story I'd have more but that's just what I came up with on the spot I've been researching mythical creatures lately and the Mngwa just sounded so interesting to me plus I have a love for cats. Origins stem from Africa and besides a description, I don't know a lot about them......yet. Since the world I'm creating doesn't exist I might have creatures from different origins more I think of it the more I like the idea kind of helps it form the idea around the book for what my vision is. I'm kind of stuck on where to go with the Mngwa and the way it treats the little girl now. So I might post another fantasy post sooner.


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