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Religion a Tough Topic

I've talked about this on here before that I don't claim a type of religion, and that does not make me an Atheist. Click here to see my previous and still somewhat views. There are so many different types of religions there is just a list of on and on I looked it up, and I do know they only have the popular ones listed there is more than 20 religions in the world click here to see what the popular ones are.

My problem is there is a particular type of mold that each religion wants the woman to fill and when my book comes out you will understand why I haven't stepped foot into a church for so long. Some people use it as a weapon, and others don't in my experience. I've only heard of some people that aren't like that. Religion is just something I haven't had a pleasant experience with, but that doesn't make me an Atheist I claimed the religion of Wicca for almost a year. It was comforting, and sometimes I find myself looking in that direction for answers, answers that I can see myself.

I know it may sound naive, but I hope that someday that the world will come to its senses and just let others express their opinions and accept that is what they believe and think. This would be nice to happen here in America, after all, we do have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. With those by our side why can't we have the right to have our own opinion and the freedom to express it.....what....we do it's called freedom of speech.

We can learn so much from others' opinions and see where they are coming from and why they act the way they do. If we were to open up our minds and our hearts, we could become a better country better, people. I know it sounds cheesy and unrealistic, but I guess that's just where my mindset is at this moment.

I really stopped and thought about if I should or shouldn't write this because of the topic but when my book comes out you'll see where exactly I'm coming from You. will answer some questions when it comes to my more odd one out kind of blog posts.


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