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Brain Health

I really don't know what I want this post to be about, I've talked about unplugging what I'm up to I just won't call writers' block. If  I were to do that though I personally feel like I'd be giving up, I've been racking my head on how to finish out this project I've been working on. I want to tell you, but it's a secret, and I can't wait until everything is done. I will tell you this project is suitable for everyone of any type. I know I've announced that I am now an ambassador for 2 companies, but they still have a couple things in common Craft 1816 and Just Strong. In case you haven't heard of these brands, Craft 1816 is a CBD oil company and is THC free Just Strong is a fitness clothing company based out of the UK. As far as I know from the other ambassadors I've met, they are just really into health or have a form of disability themselves. I haven't met someone with Epilepsy yet. Just Strong believes in mental and physic

Morality and Unplugging

I released a short episode on my podcast, I was talking about morality. Just in case you're not 100% familiar with the definition. Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.  I'm not putting the definition up to be snobby or anything; it's honestly has a good reason for being there. Morality has been apart of a few of my conversations; it's coming up more than usual, and I'm choosing to take that as a sign and talk about it. In my podcast episode morality, I talk about why I didn't go to a party, event whatever you want to call it. I didn't go because I wouldn't have been going to celebrate like everyone else I would have been going to spite them. That's not me, and I was having such a great day with my little family that I love beyond all reasons. I'm bettering my life still, and I know I sound so repetitive when I say this, but how can I help others when I don't help myself. Working out, se

More Change....It's Good Though

I know I put it on my podcast but need to let my readers know I am enrolling in college, so I'm cutting back in some areas. My blog is my home and the first project that I have been neglecting horribly, and I apologize I use to use it as a safe place from my ex-husband and where my divorce is finally finalized as of September 19th, 2019. I don't really need a safe place anymore, but I still want to strive to help people, and I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I need to work on myself before I can genuinely help someone else. Starting tomorrow, October 10th, 2019, my boyfriend and I are going to be working out as a couple. I'm excited because well, as cheesy as it sounds, this is a first for me. I'm making new frists with him; we are going to be Pikachu and Ash Ketchum for Halloween; it's another first for me as well. I've been so happy with my life lately; I almost forgot to keep my passion alive. I know that sounds weird, but it happens life