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Dark Places But Good Thoughts

It's been since April since I've made a post that's quit awhile but for good reason's I know my ex MIL reads some of my posts so I've been keeping it quit (MIL if you are reading this, this isn't personal....kinda)  I feel like I'm risking a lot just righting this post but I'm going to have to get over it for the sake of my son and myself. I've always had issues when it comes to my thoughts since I was in the 7th grade I'm 23 now a mom if a wonderful little boy who means the world to me, friends who help me through my hard times. Which that friends count has gone down one or at least I feel it has and the most important one I've mentioned here a few times. I feel like I've lost her due to her marriage and about to have a baby I'm so happy and excited for her but, the amount of distance that's grown between us has gotten bigger and might even grow some more. This is my safe place talking to you (my readers) people I don't kno