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Stress Is Something Else

Stress comes in many forms and there are many ways to find relief from stress. I use multiple different methods to get rid of my stress from yoga to reading a book. Why am I so stressed lately well my hours at my job are getting cut. Yep! I'm going from a full-time employee barely making it by to a part-time employee who's probably going to fall behind on bills if I don't find a second job or a completely new one. I do know one thing as stubborn as I am I will not be going back to my old job working in the kitchen at the nursing home I will be homeless before that happens.  I do have a couple options one of my mom's friends has put in a word for me because the company they work for is looking for a secretary and my boyfriend has been bugging me to help out a little more around the house. Depending what happens will be the choice of my outcome I know I need to let my boyfriend help a little more but it's personally hard for me. I've been doing it all by mys

Accept it

HELP Something that all of us need just in different ways. Some may need help with physical things others it might just be mental, it could even be someone moving something for you. I'm not just talking health this time I'm talking all around type of help. I'm going to ask a question and I would like it answered comment or email.  Why do we not ask for help when we need it? My answer to that is pride. I say pride because I've been on my own for almost 2 years with my son and I've built a steady life with just the 2 of us. I have to tell myself almost constantly it's okay to have help every now and again you have loved ones who want to help. I find it almost weird having a man help me clean, cook and so much more. Not just because my ex didn't do some of these things but because I don't have to ask him to help me he just does it. I knew I had things to work on for myself so I signed up for Better Help I wish I could afford it and keep it for

Start The Conversation

I decided to do something different and ask a guest writer to write an article since I couldn't figure out how to touch this topic even though I talk about it and live with it. For many, epilepsy is a health challenge that’s meant to be borne in isolation. While that the notion appears to be self-preservative on the first glance – if no one knows about your condition, you’re sheltered from the prying (and judgmental) eyes of the public – in reality, it is counterproductive and not to mention dangerous . Concealing epilepsy is a perilous practice that almost always leads to isolation, secrecy anti-social behavior, and social deprivation amongst other things. You have to stay positive despite the odds and the first step in staying positive is accepting the fact that Epilepsy is part of who you are . That’s nothing to be ashamed of if anything it’s something you should be proud of – despite the odds you’re where you are today, waning stronger and best still you’re not alone

Let's Get Real

One thing I wish some people could understand is the side effects after having a seizure or seizures. I know it interferes with my job my boss understands but my supervisor doesn't. People who have disabilities tend to have more sympathy for other's since they can relate. I'm not talking bad about people who don't understand I just wish they would take the time do the research and try to understand. I didn't post over the weekend because I had a rough week stressful and as relaxing as writing makes me you think I would have posted but I just couldn't there stuff I want to talk about at the moment but I know I shouldn't and it has just taken me a couple of days to figure out what to talk about on here. So I think I'm going to touch the subject of SUDEP something that scares the hell out of me thinking this is possible for me. I actually ended up talking to my boyfriend about it last night showing him the risk to be with me is losing me forever. Him losi