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Why I've Been gone (Short)

I know I'm not as active as I was but I've just been in a slump trying to move on with my life. Nobody should have to go through depression epilepsy and abuse at the same time. I am proud to say that I am seeing someone and being medicated for it so please my lovleys bare with me and stick around I love all of you and will try my best to keep up. Amanda Rost Instagram : @EpilepticMom

My Lowest Point

Do you ever have just one of those days that your depression just takes over and ruins everything. Feeling unworthy or worthless even just down lonely that was me the last couple of days. I lost my anti depressant meds for a couple of days and I stared questioning my relationship with my best friends and multiple people. Now the one's I want to focus on is I was questioning my friendship with my 2 best friends now yes one is still mad at me but I started asking myself if I was just a convenience to them that convent friend who is available whenever or will make themselves available. Even though I found my pills I still deep down feel this I haven't talked to them about it yet but I can't bring myself to do it. It also brings me to the point of making a playlist on YouTube I wouldn't say that the songs are uplifting or angry but a mix of everything. To help as it's called Fight Back  I don't know if I named it that to fight through everything going on or

Religion and Change

Religion noun 1. a   set   of   beliefs   concerning   the   cause,   nature,   and   purpose   of  the universe ,   especially   when   considered   as   the   creation   of   a  superhuman agency   or   agencies,   usually   involving   devotional   and   ritual   observances, and   often   containing   a   moral   code   governing   the   conduct   of  human affairs . 2. a   specific   fundamental   set   of   beliefs   and   practices   generally  agreed upon   by   a   number   of   persons   or   sects: the   Christian   religion;   the   Buddhist   religion. 3. the   body   of   persons   adhering   to   a   particular   set   of   beliefs  and practices : a   world   council   of   religions. I  put the definition of the word here for religion like I've said in the past all forms of religion stem from the same source. Christianity is actually one of the newer forms in the Bible it says "the old ways" referring to what was before Christianity. I believe

Divorce and Friendship

So I know it's been pretty much a month since I've posted but there is a very good explanation and I almost don't know where to begin because I never saw my life ending up where it is right now. So I know for a fact that I left off with moving back in with my dad and my husband living with his friend while they fix the propane well.... that never happened. I ended up spending 2 weeks thinking things over the week while we moved and my first week back home. Yes I am getting a divorce I'm terrified but I feel different I take a look back and didn't really see it until I was away from him. I love him still but my relationship with my husband was an emotionally abusive one. I don't hate him for it I look at it as a learning tool. Not everyone is meant to be together and we just weren't and it's best for our son. Let me explain how it's best for our son and I will continue to say our son. I want him to know what truly happy people who love each-other