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Frustrated (Short Post)

I don't know why but for some reason I've been having troubles keeping up with you guys. Today has already been a handful I just want to state I hate ignorant people they annoy me and just ugh. All I want to do is be apart of the current event part of American red cross half of my beloved state is on fire and I'm nervous that my husband will be sent to help soon. I guess I just am putting too much on my plate and don't know what to do about it I will try to stay more consistent even though my life has kind of come to a halt I love you people and I will let you know how everything turns out. Amanda Rost Instagram : @EpilepticMom

Last Couple Of Days

I know I've been gone for the last 2 days but in 2 days a lot has happened. Monday not a lot really went on compared to Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday I had a photo shoot with one of my friends who are trying to become a model. I know my way around a camera so I took over 300 pictures but I guess that's really not important. This is one of them that I took for an ad that I was hired online for and she is going to use this in her portfolio. Tuesday is where things get interesting I've been doing so good until yesterday. I had another grand mal seizure and honestly, I can't really remember what happened on Monday even though my seizure was on Tuesday. It sucks when the side effects kick in and I also got sick after everything yesterday I so lucky my husband was here and I wasn't alone. I honestly thought I was just coming out of an absence seizure. I didn't realize until my husband told me my mother got a bowl for me just in case I upchucked. Since I had that seiz

Montana VS Harvey

So today I kind of want to bring some light to something I get Hurricane Harvey has struck disaster but also I want people to know about Montana. I don't normally post on weekends unless I feel like I have to but the thing is I'm getting to the point that I feel Montana the place I've called home for 22 years is treated like trash. The big fire in Texas last year got main media attention but we have over 1,000 acres on fire right now I'm miles away from the fire and the smoke has gotten so bad that my hometown looked like it was foggy but you could also smell burning wood. I'm going to give you a couple articles to read These are just 2 out of multiple hometown articles I found Montana

North & South

So since I've moved back my life has been a little chaotic on where stuff is a small town and trying to get my stuff all together. Then there is a small town drama that gets to my husband to easily and I'm already over it but today I'm going to touch politics in a sort also the education system as well. My dad is home for the weekend and my dad loves shows that have to do with knowledge and my dad and I were talking about history I ended up telling him about my Past Present and Future post. He told me some things about the Civil War that I didn't know about I honestly didn't know that the Civil War wasn't just about slavery. My dad was taught in school that what started it was due to tariff and secession I was shocked why aren't we still being taught this. So we started watching a mini-series called North and South  we've been watching it for at least 2 days now and there was stuff that happened that I've never learned about I mean there's