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Sharing and Evolving

So I thought it would be a little fun to look up some fun facts about epilepsy after all that's what this blog is suppose to center around so here's one of them I found interesting.

Like a diabetic who is misinterpreted as a drunk driver, epileptics can often have a seizure that manifests itself as bizarre behavior, such as: repeating the same word, not responding to questions, speaking gibberish, undressing, or screaming.

Now unlike a lot of people I respond to questions that doesn't make much sense or sometimes I'm right on the money. I gathered some stories from others' that I'm going to share with you in the next couple of days. I found their stories touching I started off asking the wrong question. I was comparing them to me I was putting together a small poll but the more people I asked I saw that others' felt the same as me. They didn't feel like they were being heard, the felt lost, and some lives were brought all crashing down. I got emotional I got upset and released how selfish I was in the beginning. I've had my seizures since I was 6 so I look at it thinking some aren't so lucky. I learned how to grow with it and how to handle it.

Now I'm not saying I have everything under control but I'm better at the coping part. Some people aren't so lucky some careers have been stolen life long dreams or even worse people that once loved them. My heart broke talking to these people who won't be named or might be I found them on Instagram so that part I'm still working out this post started out differently than it should of. Like most things they grow into others, they evolve into new things, they get new meanings or importance.


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