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Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”

Mark Twain

I quoted Mark Twain last night to my best friend who just broke up with her boyfriend. A little back story (I blame myself for one) I set them up together she got out of a bad relationship and I set her up with this guy who was a family friend who I thought was a really nice guy, but he's one of those guys that shows their bad side once deep into the relationship. They left on good terms (I still would like to put him in the ground) which shows the level of maturity the reason I'm so upset is because he asked her to move in with him and then turns around and breaks her heart where she has to move back home where she has no job no house (Yeah mom and dad but still) he makes her feel that there is something wrong with her there isn't she's an amazing person. He's messed with her mind which upsets me big time I want to put him 6 foot under but she won't let me. (Plus I'm a lot of talk)
Here's to the girls/women out there this is my motherly advice (After all I go by the name of Epileptic Mom)
  1. When a guy/gal breaks your heart it will heal
  2. You are beautiful you don't need a man/partner to tell you that
  3. You matter
  4. Your soulmate is out there
  5. It was just the wrong timing
  6. Grab the girls and go out
  7. Grab the ice cream
  8. It's okay to cry your heart was just shattered into a million pieces
  9. Being alone for a while is a good thing you can figure out who you are and what you are meant to be and do you can find your strength but remember not to harden your heart that makes you who you are and is your beauty
  10. You're never alone
Don't let yourself depend on someone else I do not say don't depend on anyone but don't lean on someone when you don't have to. I lean on my husband more than I should and I'm his wife you may hear stuff like "When you're in a relationship that's what the other person is for" or "they're your other half you should let them help" This teaches young ones to depend on others instead of depending on themselves. Every heartbreak has a lesson on either what not to do or what to do you learn from it.
I don't like seeing people hurt it hurts me I am one of those people who wishes happiness for everyone. You have my list and honestly if you Google what to do after a break up you get multiple options. I didn't Google a list to make the one on here that came from the heart I'm the married friend I've gotten used to giving advice and I've gotten better at giving good advice. Now parenting advice still figuring that out that's an entirely different post. I could go on and on about how to deal with a breakup or what you should do but I don't want to write a book. (Or series) I mean if that day comes that I'm writing a self-help book then so be it. I put myself out there to help you.

Amanda Rost

Instagram : @EpilepticMom


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