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Seizures 101

Seizures 101 my way


  1. They suck

  2. While in a seizure focus on fighting it

  3. Make sure you take your pills

  4. It sucks

  5. Lay down do you don't get hurt

  6. Take emergency meds if possible


This little list might piss some people off but I'm in the mood right now that I don't care. My seizures have just driven me to the point today that I'm pissed at them.  So consider this a venting post if you must but I'm pissed that I forget about my meds and then being told by a number of people you're an adult you should be able to remember this stuff by yourself or you do it every day why can't you remember or you know how important they are why can't you just take them and then you have my personal favorite DID YOU TAKE YOUR PILLS. Those few words if you ask me I will scream at you and yes I know I take my pills every day I'm the one taking them and yes I know they are important but you know what that's not the first thing I'm thinking of when I wake up or when I'm going to bed my first thought going to bed is how tired I am and when I wake up is I have to go to the bathroom then motherhood takes over and I get busy I've tried taking it when I eat breakfast I tried with supper. Oh, and remembering isn't part of the problem yes I have a horrible memory due to Side effects from over the years it's not as easy as people think.  
I've heard multiple different accusations but this is the one that I think has become my favorite is
 I think you like having seizures
 Yes somebody who is in pristine health had the nerve to say this to me to my face because I was having a seizure that got me out of doing something I'm not grateful for it even though I didn't want to. When this was said I just stared at them with probably a look of "aw" on my face because I couldn't believe how stupid they sounded. It was worse then shell shock. Now, this same person also asked a question in high school during English class while learning about Julius Caesar who once was thought to suffer from Epilepsy (Since proven lately that he may have had strokes instead) And yes I am going back in time since this is the same person I'm talking about. They decided to go ahead and ask how he was able to be a ruler and brought up my name on how I couldn't run for president and stupid stuff like that now I didn't see this first hand my Best Friend did. She ended up telling me about it later that day. (I wasn't trying to put myself out there yet cause I was still ashamed of who I was and how I was I was letting epilepsy define who I was.)

Now I want to educate people on what exactly is happening inside I know today started off on a very different not than usual now I'm going to be flat honest with you guys right now no beating around the bush or any of that

I hate having Epilepsy there is so much I would love to do but I got to figure in my medication when it comes to that if I had the chance to go to a night club I can't. Also it makes me feel like I'm a burden on my husband he has to worry that I'll be okay by myself at home now I don't have grand mal seizures all the time but I seem to have them randomly, and I don't do research on some of my posts they are mostly option (Not that I post educational stuff) but if I do post something that should be researched I do for example the Julius Caesar comment I looked it up and read that recent studies it may have been strokes.

I do like informing people on what's going on if I have to do hours of research so what that means I'm learning more about myself as well and that they asked a question I never thought of  some people just need to be informed in what's going on just like politics that's something for another day or I just won't say anything about that people need to know the dangers the side effects the suffering you go through if you feel it or not there is something going one emotionally physically or both.

So that little rant is over the base and reasoning for everything today is a mix off getting off track and being pissed that I couldn't go to work yesterday. It also kept me from posting to talk to you people.

Amanda Rost

Instagram : @EpilepticMom


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