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Family and Friends

This week has just started out to a rough start......I don't know where to start but what I think what I'm going to is touch the subject of real vs fake friends. What I'm going through right now feels complicated and I just want support but I don't know how to touch the subject with my friend.

I'm not going to name names because a lot of my friends do read my blog. It's not just one friend though I have a couple that has been doing this to me, I know I'm having trouble with my marriage I'm not going to lie but I would never tell one of my friends and I quote.

"I know you are headed towards divorce"
I would never say this to them I don't know how to bring it up to them. Just because my marriage is on the rocks doesn't mean it's going to head that way. I love my friends but I don't know how I would bring this up to them. I love them and don't want to ruin our relationship.

I know that my relationship with my husband is just important.
"The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they're right if you love to be with them all the time."
-Julia Child
I read this quote by Julia Child and I start to wonder more about my marriage but I don't know if my friends are getting to me (even though we are very blunt with eachother) I know my friends don't lie to me I guess I'm conffused. I don't want to have to pick between them I love my husband with all my heart but reading Julia Child I'm not always happy when I'm with him. I'm not misrable either I don't know if we just need some time apart or if it's the end.
I'm not about to give up but the hardest part is I have done everything I can. It's his turn to help save this marriage, not because of our child, but because I love who we are as a family. I know my husband has his demons. I have my demons as well, I would just like some support it doesn't completely upset me when we talk about him but it does hurt. I complain about my husband I don't agree with everything he does or say but that doesn't mean I've stopped loving him and besides marriage, you do fall out of love. Just to get past it you have to start dating again have activities that you once did before you got married.
I've been reading and I guess there is something called The 3 Year Itch I've heard of the 7-year itch but I guess it's changed. I plan on figuring something out I don't know about my friends they are stubborn as a mule but my husband is worse than a mule. I just want my family back and I want my friends too. I know growing up and becoming an adult/mother isn't the easiest.

Amanda Rost

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