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Mother Inlaw

Rant and Trigger Warning 

Everyone who is married has one a mother in-law some people get along great others are constantly at each other's  throats. I on the other hand get a long with mine......(but today) So yesterday I made a post that kind of went everywhere on me about moving, being stressed, excited over a job opportunity. So let me give you a little background on my mil she's a stay at home mom with 5 kids that's counting my husband's cousin she raised (my husband is the oldest and from her first marriage) no looking from the outside in you would think she has well behaved kids (which she does) who are very responsible (and they are) she has a clean house and a very beautiful house that took a year of renovation I don't b*tch about her often but when I do it's always the same thing it's about the state of my house MY house. Reminder I have a toddler who gets into EVERYTHING  for ex: cupboards, drawers, and anything else her can reach we tried child locks on them but he figured out how to us them. It also doesn't help that my husband doesn't know how to use a dirty clothes hamper she claims she taught him he claims he knows how well tell that to the dirty pants laying in my LIVING ROOM so yes my house get's messy.

Now that you know a little background here's the run down of this morning.
Sleeping in bed my husband comes in (He's an early riser like 4am) he wants me to wake up it's 6 I wake up at 6:30 most people would be like whatever (I'm a gremlin when I wake up I hate mornings) I didn't get a good morning or a honey please wake up I got you need to get up so we can get the house clean so my mom can come over to help (reminder everything was clean the night before) I'm not gonna lie I was extremely p*ssed because the house was decent enough for her to come over dishes were going and so was laundry. All I was thinking was she needs to get off her F*CKING HIGH HORSE  now I don't know if this was my husband speaking or her all I know my morning started out with me being pissy and quite frankly I don't care if she sees this blog post because I have a Facebook page Epileptic Mom which she follows so yeah don't be shy go check it out it still needs work but so does my blog here.

If she does see this I'll probably be cooled down by then so I apologize and especially if it was my husband's fault I double that no triple.


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